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Build The Strong Survival & High Damage Engineer In WvW


Recently, many people complain that the engineers had to run away when met whatever kind of professions, thanks to I stayed for a long while in the WvW, so I will introduce one set of my builds which is pretty powerful.


You can see the data of my trait line below:


Trait line


Minor Traits
Creates a bomb when you dodge.
Release a number of timed mines when your health reaches 25%.
30% chance to cause bleeding for 3 seconds on critical hits.
10% increased critical-hit chance against foes with less then 50% health.
Gain regeneration for 10 seconds when you are attacked while under 25% health.
All heal skills recharge when health reaches 25% (90-second cooldown).
Drink an Elixir B at 75% health.
Using toolbelt skills restores 10% of your endurance.


Major Traits
33% chance to burn for 2 seconds on critical hits.
Improves rifle, pistol, harpoon gun, and elixir gun range.
50% chance to cause vulnerability on critical hits.
5% of your toughness is converted to power.
Drink an Elixir S at 25% health. This effect cannot trigger more then once every 90 seconds.
Discharge a bolt of lightning whenever you use a tool belt skill.


Elixir H, Elixir Pistol, Grenade Kits and the Elixir B actually provide great support for you in the battlefield, however, we should not use them blindly, reasonable combination and targeted use is all what we need. Such as the Elixir B, which you can not use at once when you suffered attack from the foe until your health is below 40%-50%. For your health remains 25%, your health skills will be reset, so that we need to take this advantage.


Someone asked me why use the Elixir Pistol. This toolkit seems has little effect so that some people think it is a waste and not as good as flamethrower. Do you know what will I do with it? Indeed, it was unable to cause high damage, but the effect is significant if you use the equipment well. For example, when fighting together with your teammates, you can accumulate the bleeding well, although the damage is not high, the bleeding / debuff is significant.


Supply crates elite skills recognized the best elite skill. You can apply it in many ways, such as pursue and attack the enemy, interrupt when the enemy was killing the teammates on the ground.  On the whole, it's a good skill.


Now, we can talk about the equipment parts.




As you can see above, my attack is 3230, Critical Chance 28%(48% when drinking the Elixir B) and Health is as much as 21592. The reason that I have so high attack is that 5% of my toughness will turn into power and the rune is used to increase damage and critical-hit chance. It will cause about 2000 damage when crit and the Grenade Screen can generate more than 7000 damage. You can decrease much damage when under the condition of 2495 defense, while such high attack will be the nightmare for some fragile professions.

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